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Protecting a Restaurant Just Got Easier With HD Security Cameras

Restaurants are fast-paced, low margin businesses in a cut-throat industry where few succeed and fewer still flourish. Many factors make it difficult for restaurants to succeed, without even taking into account the erosion that can be caused by untrustworthy employees, fraudulent lawsuits or dine-and-dash customers. At least these factors can be abated with a quality security camera system. As an owner or manager, you can’t always be at the restaurant 24/7. However, with security cameras in place, managers or owners can keep an eye on what is happening all the time from anywhere in the world. The latest security camera systems even employ the ability to watch your cameras right on a tablet, PC, laptop, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other PDA device from anywhere in the world with High Definition TV Video streams so that you can zoom in live or after the fact to really see what is going on at your business. There are several different major styles of security cameras systems for restaurants, ranging from traditional CCTV cameras to High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras. Each style of system provides benefits for the restaurant owner, and can deliver various features and benefits. Traditional CCTV systems provide great flexibility for lower budget applications, while High Definition HDTV IP Security Cameras deliver higher quality video that allow for zooming in on live video or playback, allowing owners to use less cameras with higher quality video.

Many security camera systems are on the market today, and are available in several different system types that offer varying features and quality. Traditional CCTV security cameras are still very popular for restaurant security camera installations, as they provide great quality video up to 720×480 resolution with excellent day and night vision and motion detection video recording. These systems are very popular for their relatively inexpensive nature, digital motion detection recording and remote viewing capabilities (which vary per system). Traditional CCTV systems are available in PC Based systems which record onto a PC with a DVR card, and Standalone DVR systems which have a separate video recorder and range in price dependent on the features of the system.

The newest style restaurant security camera system designs include the new HD quality IP cameras. These systems employ IP style cameras that can record at much higher resolutions (7-25 times the resolution of traditional cameras). There cameras have a built-in network card and video processor, to send the video directly over the network to a computer running an NVR software. The NVR software will allow you to record from multiple cameras in high definition, perform motion detection recording, forensically zoom in on live and pre-recorded footage and remotely view your cameras in high definition over the internet. While slightly more expensive than the traditional CCTV security camera systems, High Definition IP camera systems deliver much higher quality video than CCTV cameras, so less cameras are needed to provide more coverage in higher detail. The cables used for these new High Definition camera systems are also smaller and less expensive, making it much easier to install a camera system. Just one CAT-5 network cable is needed for each IP camera, and in many cases, can carry the power from a PoE switch to the camera, and connect the camera to the network to deliver the video to your NVR recorder. With reduction of cameras, and reduction of cabling costs, HDTV security camera systems come into range even for smaller restaurants and chains. With professional-grade IP camera NVR software, multi-location restaurants can even backup the video over the internet to a home office location, where video can be easily reviewed when needed.

Whether you are looking for a basic coverage of your restaurant, or want to be able to see details in high definition, security cameras are a great choice for your restaurant. Having cameras in place provides a deterrent to employees and customers, making them think twice before conducting behavior that is inappropriate. With employees, having cameras in place can also help prevent them from sitting around when there is work to be done. If something happens, security cameras with remote access will allow you to tap in and see exactly what is occurring when it happens from an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other PC or Laptop. See live video and play back pre-recorded footage remotely, allowing you to stay connected, no matter what happens.

Using Security Cameras

Crime continues to rise not just in a physical sense but also in the world of white-collar business. Security cameras have become a worthy ally to many in the detection and prevention of crime. A simple observation of the city will tell you security cameras are everywhere these days. Once used in their infancy as a traffic-monitoring device, remote security cameras are becoming the weapons of choice in the war against terrorism and crime around the world.

Wireless Security Cameras

If you need to partially conceal your cameras from view, wireless security cameras are the way to go. Wireless security cameras have become very popular because they can literally be put anywhere you want since you don’t have to worry about wires. Additionally, wireless security cameras are becoming more and more affordable as the technology makes leaps and bounds- both in terms of the cutting edge new features and in the manufacturing and design process.

Home Security Cameras

Like most technology, the cost of home security has come down in recent years and the outdoor security cameras are no exception. With the right set-up the signal from your security cameras can be fed to your television for convenience – you don’t have to go to a special monitor to see the picture.

The best way that parents can protect their children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and still have a life is to install security cameras as part of their security systems. Home security cameras won’t just catch the worst possible acts of child violence and abuse, but also irresponsible babysitters who may not be cruel but are far too careless to be given the responsibility of watching your child.

Security Camera Location

To ensure the most effective surveillance of your home, the placement of your security cameras is of utmost importance. The proper placement of security cameras coupled with a recorder, permits you to maintain a record of many activities in your home, and you will be able to easily identify a person by the clothes he or she is wearing.

Don’t Bust The Budget

For those who are on a budget and can’t afford or don’t want to spend the time setting up a security system or hire someone else to do it, there are temporary measures you can use. You can consider using fake security cameras for the job if money is a major consideration in your home security budget, and you just can’t afford the real thing yet. Whatever the variety and model that exist in the market for real surveillance cameras, dummy security cameras are there with the same exact look and feel.

Dummy security cameras can be fitted to the interior of your home as well as mounted on the exterior. You can use dummy cameras in various places on your lawn or patio, which can act as a sort of “scarecrow” for would-be thieves.

Out Door Cameras

For the best security system possible, you can have outdoor security cameras installed. Your outdoor security cameras can come with sunshades to protect the equipment from too much sunlight during daytime. A large number of exterior cameras are weather proof, waterproof and some are even “hammer” proof. Some of the more sophisticated outdoor security cameras have an infrared option, which enables you to see what’s going on in the dark.

Security At School

The surveillance cameras allow school security personnel to do more job-specific work, which saves money in the long run since the mundane tasks will be performed by the security system. As mentioned, one of the best features about wireless security cameras is that they can be easily installed almost anywhere. The cameras deter crime and may lead some students to confess to infractions that weren’t even caught on the security cameras.

Remote Cameras

Furthermore, remote security cameras are being used more and more to watch the habits of people in crowded areas, subway stations, airports and others to try to stop a terrorist attack before it happens. Especially active in purchasing business security cameras are large casinos such as in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

In conclusion there is no doubt that society is still getting used to the presence of security cameras and there are many that don’t like them. However home and office security cameras and basic surveillance tips will greatly improve the safety of you and your loved ones at home and on the job.

What Everyone Ought to Know About Choosing a Security Camera

The best security cameras come in a variety of models with different features and options. Optimally, the best camera system should be one which contains the best in video quality, internal storage, ease of use, control, motion detection, infrared, PTZ and internet streaming. However, a single camera having all these functions can be expensive. Moreover, even if you buy a high-end model with all the features, you should realize that you may not even use all the features. Therefore when searching for the best cameras it is important to first consider your needs.

Are the Best Security Cameras Digital, Analog or Hybrid?

Probably, the first option that you should ask yourself is whether you will be requiring a digital (IP) camera, an analog camera or a mix of both. You should keep in mind that the video and image quality provided by digital camera is usually much better than what any analog system would be able to produce. However, some analog cameras still tend to come with the best panning, tilting and zooming capabilities which are hard to match by any current IP camera. As such, if your focus is on video clarity, the best security camera for your needs may be an IP camera; however, if you require greater control over your camera, an analog camera may be better.

Storage of the Best Security Cameras

Another factor that might determine your preference of the best cameras is the amount of storage you require your security system to be capable of. Generally, storage of analog systems requires heavily priced equipment and their playback capabilities can be quite limited. On the other hand, IP cameras do not require any equipment other than a computer for video storage. They can store as much video as you require and for as long as you require. Also you can quite economically increase the computer’s hard disk to increase storage duration.

Video Clarity

Another important aspect that might determine the best cameras for you is the amount of video clarity and quality you require. If you are installing a camera to determine the face of people who might enter a restricted hall of your office building, then you will require a camera with higher resolution and frame rate per second. However, if your focus is on just recording video to monitor if someone is breaking in to your house or not, then a normal security camera with an average resolution and frame rate will probably be one of the best security cameras.

Location of Camera

You should also consider the area or location you want your camera to be placed at. Depending on the location of your security camera, the option of the bestcameras for you would be different. For instance, if you are planning on installing it on a lamppost in your driveway, a wireless camera may be a better option than a wired one. If you are placing your camera outdoor, an infrared camera would probably be required for recording at night. Moreover, if you are installing a camera above your back gate to monitor only those entering from the back gate, a non-motorized camera may be one of the best cameras in terms of price.

The best security cameras, as such are dependent on your requirements and the characteristics of what is to be recorded. Security cameras that are all-purpose often tend to be quite highly-priced and may contain features that you do not even require. If you really focus on the features you need and are most likely to use you can find the best cameras for you needs and save money in the process.